10 Reasons to Switch to Natural Cosmetics

10 Reasons to Switch to Natural Cosmetics

November 29, 2017

Lately, you may be finding yourself hearing more and more of words like these:

  • All-natural
  • Organic
  • Detox
  • Whole-food
  • Unrefined/unprocessed
  • Holistic
  • Non-toxic
  • Chemical-free
  • Allergy-friendly

Do they make you sigh? Roll your eyes? Shake your head at yet another new, hippie-dippie lifestyle fad that you’ll be bombarded with over the months ahead?

Or do these words and ideas resonate with you? Do they grab your attention? Make you want to learn more? Make you feel like finally you’ve found what you’ve been looking for?

No matter which way you feel about these undoubtedly buzz-worthy concepts, we’re here to share 10 compelling reasons to make them a part of your daily mindset.

Natural, holistic health – including beauty and body care – might seem like just another trend, but it really is a growing, glowing movement that’s helping to change the lives, health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  1. Hormone health
Many of the ingredients and additives in conventional makeup, lotions, cleansers and other self-care products (not to mention the plastic containers that dispense them) are endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
In English? They can throw our entire hormonal systems out of whack.
Common conventional cosmetic ingredients like phthalates, parabens and polyethylene glycol actually mimic hormones such as estrogen in our bodies, and wreak havoc on the extremely fine hormonal balance we need to keep us healthy.
And our hormones aren’t just about puberty and periods (although both of these are super-important); they regulate almost every single function in the body, including digestion, sleep, fat-burning, detox and reproduction.
Bottom line: using all-natural, non-toxic and chemical-free makeup, skincare, hair and body products – formulated without any endocrine-disruptors! – helps keep our hormones healthy.
  1. Cellular health + cancer prevention
Carcinogens. You’ve heard of them. But did you know how many of these cancer-causing nasties you can avoid by switching to natural beauty and body care?
Turns out, there are tons of carcinogenic and DNA-harming ingredients we can all steer clear of! Some to watch out for: lead, aluminum, propanol, coal tar, formaldehyde, hydroquinone and 1,4-dioxane.
Believe it or not, these and many other cancer-causing chemicals are added to conventional cosmetic products as colourants, preservatives, pH adjusters and skin lightening agents. 
Great news, though! By buying and nourishing your skin with clean, conscious products, you’re reducing your risk (and sending a powerful message to the manufacturers).
  1. Organ health
We’re (unfortunately) not yet at a place in scientific and technological advancement where we can live our lives completely without petroleum. Yes, most of us still rely on it to fuel our commutes, heat our homes and transport our goods. 
BUT! We do NOT need to wear it on our skin. That is one area of our daily existence where we can totally and completely throw it out the window! (Figuratively, that is. Let’s obviously not litter, guys, okay?)
Petrochemicals like paraffin wax, toluene, benzene, phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol can absorb through our skin, enter the bloodstream and cause organ toxicity in the major organs in our circulatory system, including our brain, heart and kidneys.
These and many others are found abundantly in conventional cosmetics, but they don’t have to be found in your makeup bag or dopp kit. There are dozens and dozens of conscious, responsible companies that are now giving us beautiful and safe options for makeup, skincare, hair care and body care.
  1. A clean, healthy bloodstream
Over the last several years, in the name of a “finer, smoother finish” in makeup and an “age-reversing effect” in skin care, conventional cosmetics manufacturers have started using nanoparticle technology in their formulas.
This might not sound overly concerning, but trust us: it is. 
Nanoparticles are tiny, microscopic particles of a given mineral or chemical ingredient. The reason this is problematic in beauty and body care products is that the minuscule size of these particles makes it so much easier for things like heavy metals and other toxins to pass right through the skin barrier and into our bloodstreams.
The other messed up thing about nanoparticles in makeup, skincare and other self-care products is that they’re not disclosed on ingredient labels. That means that, unless a manufacturer is very clear that they DON’T use nanoparticles in their formulas, they probably DO.
Luckily, with a little empowerment and a lot of research, it’s totally possible to find the companies that insist on health and safety for their consumers and say HELL NO to using nanoparticles. (We’ve found lots of great ones – and we have a strict  no-nanoparticle rule – so shop our website for a great place to start to get those tiny toxins out of your life!) 
  1. No fake fragrances
There’s a reason why schools, medical facilities and workplaces are more and more commonly becoming scent-free: FAKE FRAGRANCES ARE GROSS.
We all know they can cause headaches, asthma and even nausea in those who are allergic or sensitive (we’ve got our hands up over here!), but what many people don’t know is that, allergy or not, we’re all negatively impacted by artificial scents in our environments.
Like many of the other toxins we’ve discussed already, synthetic fragrances make their way into our bodies both through inhalation and transdermal absorption (through the skin). And, also like many of the other toxins we’ve discussed already, these fake scents can cause cancer, reproductive issues and developmental concerns.
Synthetic scents can be found in all kinds of beauty and personal care products, from shampoos to perfumes to lotions to sunscreens. BUT! You can ban them from your body by switching to non-toxic, natural products that use ingredients like herbs, fruits, vegetables and essential oils instead.
  1. Zero cruelty
Real talk: it’s just wrong to test cosmetics on animals. Period.
We’ve all probably got an animal in our lives that we just adore (and if we’re being honest, we’re pretty sure they love us even more unconditionally than we love them). Let’s not even imagine harming them with chemicals and toxins just so humans can buy more drug-store lotions and potions. 
Thank GOODNESS that people all over the world are standing up against animal cruelty, and that brands are starting to listen. Especially the makers of natural products – they care about our health, and they most definitely care about animal welfare.
  1. Friendly for allergies
Many of us have had that disappointing, frustrating and downright painful moment where we’re trying out a new eyeshadow, shaving cream or face mask we just picked up and are super excited about… only to immediately realize that it’s just not going to work out between us. 
Because our face is puffing up, or we’re itching like mad, or we break out instantly. Fun!
The more exposure we have to the crazy chemicals in conventional cosmetics, the more that folks are developing sensitivities and allergies to questionable ingredients.
It’s a good thing, then, that natural formulas feature only simple, clean and gentle ingredients (FREE of allergens!) that have been growing on this earth for thousands and thousands of years, and which have been used safely and effectively by healers for almost as long.
  1. Sustainability
The health of our earth and environment matter on so many levels. For one thing, we can practice healthy living all we want, but if our home planet isn’t taken care of… well… does any of that even matter?
On a less doomsday note, our environment plays a gigantic role in our health – from air quality to water cleanliness to pollution levels, we’re only as healthy as our earth.
It’s actually pretty heartbreaking to learn about the ways our planet is being harmed by industries like conventional cosmetics. Deforestation, soil depletion, inefficient manufacturing plants, wasteful packaging, and the irresponsible use of chemicals that are not only toxic for humans, but also for wildlife, waterways, vegetation and our atmosphere. It is truly unsustainable to keep going this way and it makes us REAL MAD.
That’s why it’s SO important to choose brands who use responsibly-sourced and non-toxic ingredients, sustainable and waste-free packaging, and energy efficient manufacturing methods. They totally exist and we LOVE them!
  1. Nourishment + healing properties
One of the coolest parts about natural beauty and body care products is that not only do they simply not harm us, they actually actively help to heal us. That’s freaking awesome! (And, like, the total opposite of the conventional crap.)
There’s nothing like a good multitasker. And there’s no better way to multitask than to indulge in a little facial oil massage, do a quick mani-pedi or put on your favourite makeup look WHILE ALSO IMPROVING YOUR SKIN AND HEALING YOUR BODY.
We’re SO glad that the world has finally gotten to a place where we don’t have to compromise the health of our bodies in exchange for the beauty and self-care rituals that nurture our souls. YAY for nourishing, natural and non-toxic cosmetics!
Lastly, this.
Clean, conscious products WORK! Not only to heal and nourish our skin and bodies, as mentioned above – but to achieve high-performance, top-quality results. The look. The glow. The clear complexion.
We get it. “Natural” sounds granola. Your mind goes straight to mixing your own setting powder out of arrowroot flour and cocoa. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that – if you are that crafty, we bow to you.)
But “natural” doesn’t mean crunchy, DIY or disappointing anymore. The amazing makers of modern natural and non-toxic cosmetics have leveraged today’s technology and combined it with the ancient tradition of healing herbs, minerals and oils to create truly effective formulas that perform beautifully.

Clean, conscious cosmetic products aren’t just “natural” for the sake of trend and appeal.

The creators of this new generation of skin and body care have a mission to help us get our health back by reducing our bodies’ toxic loads, and harnessing the healing powers of ingredients sourced directly from our earth in a responsible and sustainable way. Truely natural products are made to bring us back to our roots – to traditional, ancient wisdom and a simpler time untouched by mass pollution and chemical overload – so we can be deeply nourished. 

Still, we know it can be ridiculously complicated and confusing to navigate this switch, especially in a world of unpronounceable ingredients and chemical jargon on the label of every blush compact, mascara tube and shampoo bottle. (Trust us. We’ve been there.)

So make the switch at your own pace. If that means changing out your cosmetics collection one product at a time, as you run out, that’s totally great! (Or, if you’re insane like us, immediately dumping all of your old products in the recycling bin and swapping in natural products en masse. Yeah… that’s great too.)

Be mindful about what you purchase. Get picky. Be investigative. Read labels. Ask questions! EDUCATE AND EMPOWER YOURSELF.

Plus, we’re here to help! We’ve done the research. Ingredient-list-analysis is our JAM. Asking the hard questions to cosmetics companies is what we DO. And helping you find the perfect products for your skin type, tone or concern is our PASSION. We would be honoured and delighted to assist in any way we can, so if you wanna take us up on that, get in touch!

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