Festive Favourites

Festive Favourites

December 20, 2017

Christmas tiiiime is heeere, snowflakes iiiiin the aiiiir...

(Queue the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, the fireplace channel and the smell of holiday baking!)

It's that wonderful time of year that brings families and friends together for feasting, fun and festivities. It seems like magic, warmth and beauty are everywhere, despite the falling temperatures and shorter days. Christmas lights on every block, parties galore, flurries of the first snow. 

Just in time for the family gatherings, New Year celebrations and yuletide traditions, we're sharing our favourite festive, all-natural makeup:

Elate Vibrant Lipstick in Grace

This beautiful blue-based red lippy is truly stunning on all skin tones -- and it's the perfect shade to match the Christmas decorations!

Acquarella Water-Based Polish in Donner

A gorgeous deep green with a touch of shimmer, this quick-drying polish will deck your nails out for the holidays. Also, it's named after a reindeer for crying out loud!

Elate Liquid Eyeline in Joy

Whether for Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve, you just cannot go wrong with a swipe of gold and glitter to line the eyes.

Province Apothecary Boreal Forest Soap

Smell that fresh-cut Christmas tree scent and get a little more into the holiday spirit every time you suds up in the shower. 

Sappho New Paradigm Vegan Mascara in Black

A little mascara can add a lot of glamour to any situation, whether you're ringing in the New Year at a great party, hitting up the Boxing Day sales or indulging in a Christmas movie marathon.



Elate Twinkle Loose Eyeshadow in Gifted

This smoldering sparkle eyeshadow in a gorgeous dark gold is both festive and sophisticated -- kind of like you this time of year!

Sappho Chiascuro Shimmer in Light

Glow like the Christmas lights on the overly-decorated neighbour's house. This lovely creme shimmer makes you look lit from within -- which, of course, you are.

BONUS: Province Apothecary Black Spruce + Balsam Fir Incense

If you're missing the real-tree smell like we are, light a stick or two of this amazing charcoal and essential oil incense and get your nostalgia on.


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