Skincare Step-By-Step Part Two: Evening Routine

Skincare Step-By-Step Part Two: Evening Routine

March 14, 2018

I'm back this week with Part Two of my Skincare Step-by-Step blog series! This practical three-part series aims to answer the most asked questions I get about skincare:

  • What products do I need?
  • Why do I need them?
  • How do I use them?

So I'm walking you though alllllll the details and demystifying the often overwhelming world of skincare, one step at a time! Part One was all about morning skincare, and today I'll be breaking down the best ways to care for your skin at the end of the day. 

Here's a rundown of your ideal nightly skincare ritual:



First thing's first: before we do anything else to prep your skin for a night of beauty sleep, we have to thoroughly cleanse to remove any impurities or makeup from the skin and pores. A good nightly cleanse is non-negotiable! Whether you wear makeup or not, every day your skin is exposed to dirt, germs and environmental toxins just from being out in the world. 

My recommendation? A nourishing and hydrating oil cleanser. If your reaction to this is something along the lines of "WTF?! WHY would I EVER put OIL on my already struggling skin?!", let me quickly highlight why oil cleansing is such a game-changer and why I recommend it to EVERYONE, no matter what your skin type and concern:

  • The basic chemistry principle of "like dissolves like" is key: oil cleansers easily and gently dissolve the hard sebum and grime in your pores and pull it out of your skin.
  • High-quality, hydrating organic plant oils (like the avocado, jojoba and evening primrose in the cleanser linked above) are similar in their molecular structure to your skin's natural sebum, so your skin doesn't react to them like it does to harsh soaps and chemical ingredients.
  • Cleansing with a good oil blend doesn't strip your skin of its moisturizing natural oils or mess with its delicate pH balance, nor does it over-dry or irritate your skin — instead, these nutrient-rich oils absorb the gunk, hydrate your skin cells and soothe trouble spots.

Just trust me on this. And if you're still not convinced, check out this post for a full breakdown of how and why it works like a freaking charm.

ANYWAY. Moving on to oil cleansing best practices. Start by rinsing your face with room temperature water. Then take a couple of pumps of the cleanser and massage it into your skin. Make sure to cover your whole face and neck, and get at alllll those little spots where dirt and makeup like to hide — along your hairline, the folds of your nostrils, in your brows and along your jaw.

Next, take a damp soft cotton washcloth (preferably organic!) and wipe off the oil, and all of the impurities along with it. I like to use the cloth front and back, rinsing in between if necessary, to get all of the excess cleanser off.

Then, if necessary, repeat the same process all over again with a fresh washcloth to make sure your skin is super clean. If I've worn makeup that day, I always do two cleanses, but if I've just been hanging around the house all day with a bare face, I feel good with just the one round.



Once your skin is clean, it's time to balance and hydrate with a soothing toner and high-quality moisturizer.

As I mentioned in Part One of the skincare series, your serum or cream won't work the way you want it to without a toner to dampen the skin first. So spritz on your toner to prep your skin to fully absorb the super-hydrating oils in your lotion or serum.

Then, layer on your personalized selection of nourishing natural moisturizers — get the full details on which ones are best for your skin type in this post!

If you use a serum, massage that in first right on top of your dampened skin. Next, you can apply your lotion, if you choose to use one, on top of the serum or on its own, gently working it into your whole face. If you have particularly dry or damaged skin, hyperpigmentation or scarring, layering on a face balm over your serum, cream, or both, is the ideal final element of your moisturizing regimen.

With all moisturizing products, really slow down and make this a nourishing little ritual. Massage your face gently and take your time delivering all of the beautiful, healing and hydrating nutrients deep into your skin. 



The last step in your evening skincare routine is to care for specific skin concerns.

If you're like me, and breakouts are the bane of your existence, there are a couple of AMAZINGLY effective options to support speedier healing and calm the inflammation.

First up is an advanced spot treatment  a highly concentrated blend of herb and plant-infused oils that treats blemishes of all kinds, from deep-rooted acne to whiteheads to cystic breakouts. Ingredients like comfrey, calendula, turmeric and frankincense greatly diminish the lifespan of a breakout by boosting cell regeneration, soothing inflammation, fighting bacteria and reducing scarring.

To use, just apply a small amount directly to the blemish with your fingertip after moisturizing, and allow to absorb and work its magic.

If you've got a particularly swollen, painful spot, a high-quality, all-natural eczema balm can seriously rescue you. Formulated with calming zinc, cooling calendula and nourishing turmeric, this little powerhouse gently relieves inflammation, itchiness and irritation while healing damaged skin. If I've got a deep-rooted zit (or, god forbid, I've picked and squeezed), I reach for this and I swear it works miracles overnight.

Apply a small amount of the balm to any angry blemishes with a clean fingertip at the end of your skincare routine, get some rest, and be blown away when you wake up.

I don't know about you, but another big skincare struggle of mine is under-eye circles. If you also often wake up with puffy, purple eyes, I highly recommend a targeted eye serum. Super gentle yet extremely powerful ingredients like green tea, eyebright leaf and rose otto stimulate blood flow, diminish puffiness, boost elasticity, reduce fine lines, and tone delicate under-eye skin. 

Gently apply 1-3 drops to the under-eye area with the ring finger after cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Last but not least, brow care. For those of us not #blessed with bold brows, a stimulating brow serum can go a long way toward making light, sparse, or slow-growing brows more full and fabulous. Deepen the tone of your brows with coffee and rosemary oil while stimulating hair follicles and strong growth with argan and castor oils.

Shake well and massage 1-2 drops of serum into brows in a back and forth motion to encourage deep absorption.

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