Our Story

Hi, I'm Olivia McMackin, the founder of Forest Child Natural Beauty. And, quite honestly, I've always been a forest child.

I have always felt most like myself in the middle of the woods.

Growing up deep in the forest in rural Nova Scotia, I've always felt a special connection with the earth. As a kid, I had this relationship - this love - for nature, and with that, I always felt healthy and whole.

But as I got older and life got crazier – taking me to new places, huge cities and busy jobs – I got sick. When I finally sought healing, though, I found it where it had always been for me: in nature. 

I began truly learning about my health; examining every aspect of my physical, mental and spiritual well-being through a natural lens. And my research led me back to my roots, and the restorative power of the earth.

I discovered that the answers I was seeking were simple: move, nourish, rest, breathe, cleanse, explore.

So I did.

I learned to slow down, follow my curiosity and care for my body – not only by eating mindfully and practicing movement, but also by consciously tending to my beauty rituals.

In my research, I uncovered the dangers of the toxins and harsh chemicals in my cosmetic bag. Petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, heavy metals, synthetic flavours and scents – hundreds of ingredients that were being absorbed through my skin, hair and nails from my makeup, skin care products, shampoo and nail polish, and wreaking havoc on my bloodstream, organs, hormone balance and brain health.

But Mother Earth had my back on this one, too. When I went in search of nourishing, non-toxic alternatives, I found many conscious companies who were already creating the amazing natural products I needed. Not only did the clean ingredients heal my skin, the luxurious quality made me feel nourished and glowing.

After reconnecting with my earthen guide and finding natural healing, I knew it was time to return to my roots; to return home to Nova Scotia and its familiar forests. But I also knew that I had to share the beautiful clean cosmetics with others who needed them.

So Forest Child was born  to curate the best healthy, high-performance makeup, skin care and hair brands from across Canada and North America, and bring them here to the East Coast. 

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