Nail Buffer Kit


Buffer Kit Highlights
  • 3 Way Buffer great for surface preparation of the nail
  • Ultra Buffer promotes better adhesion of Acquarella Nail Polish
  • Cuticle Stick great for gentle removal of polish and cleaning
  • Additionally, Ultra Buffer can be used ON THE SURFACE of Acquarella Polish to restore shine!
Intended Usage

Use on nails with ridges, surface irregularities in preparation for Acquarella Nail Polishes. Can use Ultra Buffer on Acquarella Polish already on nails to restore lost lustre.

Product Directions

Preceding application of Acquarella Polish or Conditioner, first use the 3 Way Buffer (Black -> White -> Grey - See alternate picture above) then use the Ultra Buffer (Pink - Step 1 -> Purple - Step 2) to put an unparalleled, mirror-like shine on your nails for the smoothest application of Acquarella product. For a downloadable instruction card, click here.

Collections: Acquarella, Bath + Body, Nail Polish, Nails

Category: Bath + Body, Nails

Type: Nail Polish

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