November Self-Care Workshop

Forest Child Natural Beauty

Thursday, November 22
7-9 pm
Forest Child Natural Beauty — 1094 Bedford Highway
November brings with it a turning inward; a desire to slow down even as the busy holiday season begins; an autumnal movement toward warmth, coziness, rest. Join Olivia, Lori-Anne and Tara for an evening of self-care that embraces this loving, late-fall energy.
This workshop features:
  • a one-hour nourishing yin yoga practice with certified yoga instructor Lori-Anne Coffin
  • craniosacral therapy with Dr. Tara Lantz, ND
  • hands-on natural skincare + DIY facial massage with green beauty expert Olivia McMackin
  • warming herbal tea
  • a gorgeous goodie bag
All of the above is included in the workshop price of $50.
*DON'T FORGET to bring your yoga mat!


Type: Workshop

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